There are actually various stick cordless vacuum cleaner models in the market

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Cordless vacuum cleaners are designed for portability and minor stain vacuuming, although in countless little apartment house and college dorm room this cordless vacuum cleaner is sufficient as a primary vacuum and excellent for single or two rooms fast vacuuming.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are also great for cleaning the clefts in couches and chairs. It’s fairly discomfort when someone sits on a couch and crumbs tumble out of the cracks in the couch. Most people utilize cordless vacuum cleaner not just to vacuum floor but also fitness equipments and automobile interior from gathering dust as well as wreckage and it is also fine for minor spills and vacuuming crevices surround corners.

Hand-held vacuum cleaners

Hand held vacuum cleaner is light weight, it can be corded or cordless, and you be able to put most of this machines on the wall if you prefer.  The performance of the battery-operated products will depend on the remaining battery power, as the battery energy drops, so will the vacuuming power. Many  hand held vacuums include straight tools and power brush.  If you buy a hand vacuum cleaner, you must not use this as main tools, even though you can utilize it on a regular basis or infrequently on less important work.

Upright cordless vacuum

An upright cordless vacuum essentially is an stick vacuum cleaner with rechargeable battery component that is nested within a stand up unit. The model of this standing up vacuum make you can whiz around picking up dirt and crumbs with a extremely maneuverable carpet cleaner head. Afterward you can detach the little expansion component to get at all those odd places, so basically it is a accessory to hand-held unit. The whole components then just sits on a foundation to get re-charged.

Stick or upright vacuum cleaners are great for smaller category apartments, for straightforward and quick vacuuming of bedroom or family room.  The benefit of a cordless vacuum cleaner is the portability and mobility.  If you have trouble pushing your heavier upright around, this upright vacuum cleaner perhaps is your solution. There are actually various stick cordless vacuum cleaner models in the market and a couple of the very recommended selections are: Black & Decker and Hoover cordless vacuum.

The cordless vacuum cleaners are not ideal, it has drawback: this vacuum utilize Desulfurization Equipment Suppliers battery to power up which has a running time and a charging time before failed and limited recharging cycle. Never keep the battery inside the mount and remove it from the mount as soon as it full. This will prolong the battery charging cycle time.

You decide to do your own personal investigation about that event.

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You are going to play as a sister of a young woman who was killed on her wedding day. Well, she wasn't actually killed. People saw her being thrown into a river, but you can still save her. You decide to do your own personal investigation about that event. And as you begin, you meet a one-eyed demon who makes you an offer.


The offer is to try and find out the details of your sister's death and also have a chance to seve her. But if you fail in this, your soul will belong to him. Your character accepts the offer and proceeds following the directions of that demon.


The game is full of hidden object scenes. You will play a lot of them. They are not extremely challenging, but some items may still make you use the hints. The other huge part of the game is the wandering around and interacting with different objects. You will come across many closed doors, and other objects that need something else to be used. So if you are a Plate conveyor fan of the adventure part, you will get enough of that here.


The game also has many puzzles to solve. Those are all the same mini-games that you run into in the games of this genre. They serve as a nice change from the rest of the gameplay. There are three game modes for you to choose according to your skills. The graphics are very beautiful and detailed, but there is no voice-over, so you will have to do some reading in this game.


The game is quite good for a Friday release, and it will keep you busy for a few hours before you find and do everything you need.


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